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If you're reading this, you're probably interested to know the creds we've got. Vantage Forward is a culmination of more than 25 years of work.

We aren't your ordinary consultants—we believe in RESULTS—not fluff. This is why our services are founded on being "signature-ready". Eyes on the prize.

We've worked with great clients doing even greater things in their space, and our results prove that we've made a mark in their journey. If you want us to convince you that we're who you need for the job, 15 minutes can get us started.

The Vantage Forward Crew

Rizan Rizvi

Director & Principal Consultant

Uzla Ali

Chief Operating Officer

Azmina Rasheed

Director - Client Success

Our super powers

To create the highest calibre work — we are integrated from end to end, from vision through to execution.


Enterprise architecture


Emerging technology


Business analysis


Risk management


IT finance management

Living our values: Keeping it SIMPLE.

Stay curious

We ask why. Search more. Embrace Ambiguity. And we're always looking forward to what's next.


From imagination to innovation, we bridge the gap between ideas and digital actualisation!


Breaking free from self-imposed limits, we achieve mastery through a lifelong dedication to learning.


Our aspirations soar beyond the norm - crafting desirable, feasible and viable results!


Leadership that inspires, environments that thrive, and personal responsibility that drives.


We empower people to be ready for tomorrow. Excellence is the baseline standard for us.

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