Power Diagnostics

Power up your progress with boardroom-ready assessments and benchmarks, harnessing the unmatched expertise of Info-Tech Research Group's industry-leading diagnostics.

What is a diagnostic?

Our diagnostic tools provide a simple way of gathering the necessary data, transforming it into practical insights, and disseminating it to stakeholders throughout your organisation.


Effortlessly gather stakeholder insights with our easy-to-use organisation-wide surveys


Transform your data into actionable insights with our powerful diagnostic engine while you sit back and relax


Empower your leadership team with game-changing insights to confidently drive actionable outcomes

Diagnostics powered by

Decide with precision with data-driven diagnostics and insights

Project Benefits Assessments

Quantify your team's triumphs for every finished project based on key stakeholder feedback.

CIO Business Vision

Stakeholder management at its finest—know who they are and what they want.

CEO-CIO Alignment Program

Align for success: our CEO-CIO Program closes IT-Business gaps.

Policy Management Maturity Assessment

Evaluate policy management practices to enhance efficiency and minimise risk.

IT Scorecard

Measure your department's performance and see where you stack up.

IT Staffing Assessment

Enhance your capacity to expand, deploy, and supervise your team within IT.

End User Satisfaction Program

Uncover end-user sentiments with precision to drive optimal IT service delivery.

Application Portfolio Assessment: End User

Understand which applications require upgrades, upkeep, or removal.

Key Metrics Dashboards

Track team performance through customisable dashboards.

IT Security Diagnostic Program

Elevate your security measures with minimal effort designed for IT security leaders.

Data Quality Scorecard

Revitalise your data quality— a report focused on the business's evaluation.

McLean Employee Experience Monitor

Realign the direction, frequency, and emphasis of engagement with leaders.

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